About us


Ship2u is the new express cargo brand of Aion Cargo Solutions Ltd. 
Ship2u has an economical shipping solution to make shopping with overseas online retailers not only possible but truly convenient. 

Many overseas online retailers in the USA and Korea offer enormous choices and amazing prices on clothing, books, camera gear and many other products. 
However, getting access to all those bargains isn't easy if you live outside the country. 
Many of them will not ship to New Zealand and even if they do, the shipping cost is expensive.
Ship2u provides New Zealand customers with an address in the USA and Korea which they can use when ordering from online retailers. Ship2u receives packages on your behalf and ships to your doorstep. Customers may choose to ship one item purchased by itself or combine multiple items purchased from different retailers and ship them together.Occasionally, even with your Ship2u address, you'll find an overseas online store that does not accept overseas credit cards. With Assisted Purchase, Ship2u does the buying for you. All you need to do is log in to your account, and tell us exactly what you want and where you want to buy it from. 
So, sign up with Ship2u today and enjoy the same merchandise selection, pricing, and discounts as overseas residents without the difficulties associated with international shipping.